Flow-forming cylinder tube

We produce products and assemblies ready for installation from many different materials.
They are used in diverse applications and many different industrial areas. Different chipless cold forming procedures are used in production.


Flow-forming cylinder tube

Flow-forming begins with a pre-form (pressed, turned, drawn or forged) being pushed onto a flow-forming mandrel held by the main spindle with low tolerance. The pressure plate fastens the pre-form to the mandrel. The main spindle drive rotates it. The pre-form is moved along by a friction-lock.

Flow-forming is applied to the circumference of the pre-form locally. The direct pressure effect of the roller plastically deforms the pre-form material. The defined axial movement of flow-forming leads to the starting wall thickness of the pre-form s0 being reduced to an adjustable final wall thickness of s1, while the starting length L0 of the pre-form extends to the final length L1.

The inner contour of the workpiece is formed directly by the spinning roller mandrel (imaging procedure). In this manner, high-quality workpieces with an inner profile can be produced if the mandrels are shaped properly.

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